• The Best Coaches Don’t Coach

    While presenting last weekend in New York, I had the opportunity to connect with Rob Koll, the head wrestling coach at #1 ranked Cornell University this past weekend. I am relatively well acquainted with his program through various people and avenues and have long heard how he runs his program as if he were the CEO rather than just a coach. During his talk, he stressed the importance of his marketing (“marketing, marketing, marketing” he said). More often than not, marketing will give you (my words, not his) the things that you need to move your organization forward. Community support, increased attendance, parental involvement, alumni engagement, student-body support, participation and, most importantly, money. Because without these things you will have a hard time fulfilling your mission… teaching life lessons, building character and winning titles all require facilities, gear, travel etc… and those cost money. So step back, look at the big picture, dream a little… no, dream big… and figure out how you can get there. There is a way.

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