• Sudden Success #6: 18 Ways to Stay Focused and Get 2 Hours Back in Your Work Day




    Today is another episode of Sudden Success. These are shorter episodes that you can listen to in about 10 minutes or less. In this episode, I discuss how to stay focused at work and at home so that you can get more done and have better work life balance. I’ve identified 18 ways to stay focused and share my top 3 on this episode. Grab the other 15 tactics on how to stay focused at work.

    Remember how clear your goals were when you were competing? Well, for years after I was done competing, I struggled to get clear on my goals again and even how to stay focused on them- day in, day out- with all the distractions that come with life.

    It was discouraging and I felt myself slipping into mediocrity. I knew I could outwork anyone but I didn’t know what I was supposed to be outworking them on!

    Then, after interviewing some of the highest performers on the planet— Olympians, CEO’s, billionaires— I discovered how they do it. I discovered 18 powerful and sometimes weird tactics that they use to stay focused at work and at home– focused on the right things– so that they could live a balanced life and achieve the success they want.

    Shoot, if you started using just one of them today you’ll get more done in the next 8 hours. Not tomorrow or next week. These will work TODAY. Immediately. I guarantee it… it’s like magic but these are real solutions to what people like you and me want. Clarity on the right goals. Staying focused on them.

    This is a blueprint on how to achieve like you know you should be achieving because the success that you want comes down to being able to take focused action.

    Experts say that most people only get about 90 minutes of actual work done in a typical eight hour day. Crazy, right? But if you think about it, how much do you get done in an hour of hyper-focused work before a deadline? Probably three to four times as much, right? So, let’s say you’re already twice as efficient as most people. Implementing these will help you get at least two more productive hours in your day. That’s ten hours a week… fourteen if you count weekends.

    What could you accomplish if you had an additional fourteen hours this week?

    Even if you only get half that, seven hours, what would you do with an extra seven hours?

    I use at least 4 of these every day and have used all of them at some point… now I’m able to stay focused while at work so that I can get 50-100% more done each day, I’m more present when I’m home with my wife and four kids so that I can have a stronger relationship with my family and I’m able to achieve goals I never even dreamed possible- like being chosen to give a TED Talk (at one of the biggest TED events in the world), launching a podcast and running a half marathon—- all while having a full time job that includes regular travel and working nights and weekends.

    You’re going to find solutions on this list you never even dreamed of and you’re going to discover that by using these tactics that you’ll have the time to get the things done that you want.

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