• Story vs Status

    You say that you are the underdog. Or maybe the veteran, the favorite or the new kid on the block. That’s your status.
    Every team and organization has a story behind their status. If your supporters and prospective supporters know your status, big deal. (By “supporters” I don’t just mean your team and their parents).
    Your story is everything that makes up your status. It is a story woven of the fabric of many, many stories within your program that happen over time. If I know your story- or, I should say, stories – then you’re more likely to get me to get up and take action. Or show up at an event. Open my wallet. Tell a neighbor. Call the paper. Put a bumper sticker on my car. Wear a t-shirt. Talk to the guy in front of me in line who is wearing your hat.
    You see, the story is much more than you can get from the newspaper. It is more than what you can get from Sports center. It is more than you can get from a 5 page spread in Sports Illustrated. Your story is what you get to tell daily in digestible bites.
    Social media has given you the power to tell your stories; to create a following. That is why I say that social media is the great equalizer.

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