• Social Media Overload: How to Simplify and Systematize to Maximize Revenue

    Everyone is talking about the death of traditional media and the rise of social media. (Especially us consultants… I’m aware of the irony). There are 100 ways to leverage social media but what is right for your team, department or organization? Too many, and you spread yourself thin. Not enough, and you are practically non-existent.

    Things to consider:

    * Outcomes- what are the outcomes that you want? Stronger donor relationships, better attendance, more media coverage, a closer knit community of supporters? (“Who is Your Target Market”)
    * Budget- do you have someone who can dedicate themselves to this full-time? Part-time? Can you outsource this? Will this be something that you will be doing? If so, how often will you set aside time?
    * Competition- what is your competition doing? Is this a way for you to get ahead or just catch up? What are they doing that is effective?

    Set aside time for strategic, high-level planning. Then attack!

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”