• Sleazy- In the Eye of the Beholder?

    Some coaches don’t like the talk about “marketing”. They think of it as sleazy or misleading. Maybe you feel that way. Maybe you are right. Maybe that’s what you think of when you feel like someone is trying to sell you something or deliver their message to you. I feel that way when I get junk mail from credit cad companies. Or when a used car dealership has a commercial on tv. What about the times that the marketing is reaching you and you’re responding (by purchasing, signing up, agreeing to receive emails, or even making contact to a business or organization). What about that rare instance that you’re in the market for a credit card or a used car? Or what about when a product or service you use and love (think of one that you used in the past week). When we buy these we don’t think of this as a result of marketing. Why not? Because we welcome the message. We’re in the target audience of the marketer, they have crafted a message that we want to hear and we accept it. Or possibly we go further and take action. That’s the kind of marketing YOU have to do if you want more attendance, more media, and more money. You have to reach YOUR audience that WANTS to be reached. They are the ones that want to be sold and won’t see your marketing as a ploy but will receive it as a welcome message. It ‘s not the mainstream. Forget the main stream. You need to get those who just might be interested in what you have to offer them. Besides, you have something worthwhile to market- your program, your athletes, the opportunity you offer to youth, education, experience to your followers, community and all of the other things that you provide to your athletes and to those who follow your program. Now get out there and do some marketing!

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