• The Value of Setting Goals and Failing

    Boys doing SIDCHA

    Jesse and Wyatt doing their SIDCHA

    Last night at 8:05 pm, Jesse, Wyatt (my sons) and I finished our SIDCHA.

    If you listened to my interview with leadership expert Josh Spodek, you know that a SIDCHA stands for self-imposed, daily, challenging, healthy activity.

    I presented the idea to my kids and the boys took me up on it. They chose 1,000 burpees for the month (32/day) and I chose 3,000 push-ups (about 100/day). The point is to build discipline by achieving the goal daily- whether you’re busy or not, feel like it or not.

    I failed.

    Several days I didn’t get to 100 so I had to make them up the following day. Same with my boys (although they did better than me).

    But I finished with 3,110 push-ups (about 2,500 more than I might have done otherwise). And they finished with just over 1,000 Burpee’s (about 1,000 more than they’d have done otherwise!).

    So I got all of my push-ups done but I didn’t execute daily– which was my goal.

    Just like my goal of becoming a national champion as a wrestler, I failed and became an All-American instead.

    That’s the thing about having goals. Most of the time you’ll fail. Rarely will you find an athlete who ended their career feeling like they’d achieved their goals. But just having a goal pushes you further than you’ve ever had reached.

    You get more done.
    Your standard is higher.

    So don’t let your fear of not achieving a goal stop you from having a goal. Failure is part of achieving anything worthwhile.

    This is success through failure.

    So start off on your journey. You have permission to change your goal whenever you see fit. And you have permission to fail.

    You’ll achieve a lot in the process. Who knows, you might just get the whole way!

    Today is September 1st. What do you want to accomplish by September 30th? Use this worksheet to set a 30 day goal.

    It’s ok if you fail. But just try. Try something. Anything.

    It can be something simple and something small. Maybe it’s a SIDCHA or a personal, health, financial or relationship goal.

    Just set off on the journey and, failure or not, you’ll be better off by September 30th for just trying.

    Want to get clarity on the right goals? Email me and we can set up a time to talk.