• “Riot group” not Riot Sports Marketing

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    Jim Harshaw
    Riot Sports Marketing434-409-0257

    Riot Claims Innocence in Assassination

    Charlottesville, VA – 1/12/10 – A “Riot group” has been accused of involvement in the assassination of an Iranian physics professor tied to the Iranian nuclear program. Senior Riot Executive and Chief Instigator Jim Harshaw denies any involvement.

    “We want to make this perfectly clear, we are not involved in this assassination,” claimed Harshaw at a press conference this afternoon. (Watch Press Conference) “We believe this to be a media smear by the Iranian Wrestling Federation trying to discredit our efforts in growing the sport of wrestling.” Riot Sports Marketing claims to be solely focused on helping wrestling programs fund raise through their proprietary marketing system developed my Harshaw himself. “I have been with my wife the past few days in the hospital having a baby,” he continues, “not in Iran perpetrating this mayhem and destruction.”

    Harshaw, a small business owner and former Division I head coach, was an All-American at the University of Virginia. Riot Sports Marketing has clients nationwide that have experienced success implementing his program. Harshaw stands firm that any assassination attempts will only redouble his efforts to help wrestling.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”