• What If I Coached You?

    I hope you’re surviving the flu season better than my family.

    Ali and 2 of my kids got the flu and the other 2 were home sick from school a couple days this week. I’ve stayed healthy so my job has been to keep everybody alive until Ali is back on her feet… easier said than done for a guy with my limited skills in the kitchen!

    I wanted to share with you that I’ve got some exciting new coaching clients who’ve recently come on board.coaching questions for self-awareness

    As I was preparing for my work with them, I realized you might be interested in in some important questions that I’ll be asking them because you can benefit too…

    Imagine for a minute that you hired me as your personal coach to help you achieve some big goals in your life like these guys have.

    Here’s where we would start….

    What are the 3 areas you most want to improve in your life? 
    -What would your’s be if we were to commit to working together for, say, 3 months?

    Why are these important? 
    -You know “why” at a superficial level but have you ever been forced to put the answer into words? Try it. Try it aloud right now. You will feel a psychological switch happen that will create a sense of accountability within you.

    What resources do you have that you’re not fully using?
    -We all have resources that we’re not fully leveraging. If you HAD to come up with 3 resources that you’re not fully utilizing, what would they be? (Think people, organizations or even an online tool that could help you.)

    These questions- if you truly take just 3-5 minutes to answer them- will bring you clarity and focus in a distracted world.

    Good luck!