• Places Everyone!

    I was planning to write a post about the importance of location-based social media apps for sports, primarily Foursquare, when Facebook jumped into the game last week. So, with that, I think it’s plain to see that, if Facebook is in the game, then it’s likely to be big. Location-based social media is basically a way for users to “check-in” when they arrive at a location. With Foursquare, maybe the most popular location-based check-in social media, the person who has checked into a location the most is the “mayor”. Some businesses offer special discounts for their mayor. I suggest you get yourself a Foursquare account (free) and create a “place” where you compete for home competitions. Tell your fans to “check-in” at home competitions. Your mayor can recieve preferential seating or other treatment.
    Just another way to engage your sports fans! The professional teams are already doing it so, as I always say, social media is the great equalizer. Be your own sport marketing agent!

    Check out this short vid on location based social media

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