• Money Mindhack That Helped me Quadruple My Income In 2017

    I really hesitated to write this email.

    Talking about money seems “greedy.” That’s always been my mindset… that money is bad.

    That’s the exact reason I decided to go ahead with this email. This isn’t actually about “money.” It’s more about letting success come into your life in any form…


    I’ve always thought money was scarce. 

    I grew up in a blue-collar, hard-working home. My parents grew up with very little money and they learned early on that money was a hard thing to come by.

    You have to work hard to get it.
    And the harder you work, the more you get.



    The wealthiest people in your neighborhood, town or Facebook network don’t work any harder than you.

    There are plenty of people who work 60 hour weeks and earn $50,000/year and plenty more who make $500,000… with the same education, experience, and opportunities.

    I’m a believer in hard work. Trust me.

    I was voted the hardest worker on the University of Virginia wrestling team three years in a row.

    Hard work has always been my trademark.

    But I realized that for me, earning more felt like I was being greedy.

    I realized I needed to have what I call a Cognitive Conversion.

    A Cognitive Conversion is…
    the process of changing your perception or intuition.  

    When you change your perception or intuition about an area of your life, things begin to happen differently. Like… they justhappen

    Here’s an example of how a Cognitive Conversion can change your life.

    When I broke through to become an All American wrestler in college, I hadn’t learned new moves or techniques. 

    But by experiencing a Cognitive Conversion, with the help of a sports psychologist, things just happened differently.

    I reacted quicker in matches.

    I reached the flow state more easily.

    I was less impacted by failure so my confidence was steady.

    I was no longer driven by a fear of losing but by a desire to master my craft.

    I realized that I was enough.

    That conversion of my mindset allowed me to perform closest to my real potential.

    That’s when I finally became an All American.

    It’s the same with money.

    In 2017, I made a conscious decision to change my mindset- to have a Cognitive Conversion– around money.

    To let it flow.
    To realize that I was enough.
    To know that I can earn as much as anyone.

    Here’s what happened. 

    My business quadrupled in revenue.
    And I closed a $2.6 million gift (in my position as a fundraiser).

    You see, money is available to you and me. It’s not scarce unless you believe it is.

    Here are the exact steps that I took in January of 2017 to have a Cognitive Conversion with money.

    1. Goals: I set a big revenue goal for my business.
    2. Action Plan: I created an action plan to achieve my goal.
    3. Mindset: I created a plan to convert how I thought about money. Here’s what I did… First, I would listen to about an hour of the book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill each week. Second, each week I would journal on what I’d learned and even coach myself through a different thinking around money. Third, I visualized money coming to me.

    When I did these three things, it was almost instant.

    Within a week I had my highest paying client ever. 

    A couple weeks later I got my highest paying speaking gig. A couple months later, I began landing high paying clients. Then I closed my largest gift ever of $2.6 million.

    Because of this discovery, I’ve incorporated more mindset training into Reveal Your Path than ever before.

    While I’ve applied this to money, you can apply this thinking to relationships, health or any other area of your life where you feel limited.

    It’s a fun process and I encourage you to try it yourself.

    You know the steps. Now, make a plan and execute!



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