• How Your Wrestling Mentality Hurts You

    Wrestling makes us mentally strong and independent. When our coach asks us to run through a wall we simply ask “Head first or shoulder first?” However, we tend to believe that we don’t need any help when it comes to running our program. We can do it all ourselves. We did it as competitors and we’ll do it as coaches- or CEO’s- of our program. I can do it all. I NEED to do it all. If you think of your program as a business executive thinks of his business then you will see that you shouldn’t do it all. You probably have a to-do list a mile long and only get 60% of it done if you’re lucky. THAT IS WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK.

    • Where is your time best spent?
    • What tasks can only you do?
    • What tasks should only you do?
    • Running practices?
    • Then spend your time developing the best practices possible! Planning the season?
    • Then develop a season plan and make sure your program is adhering to it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Administrating?
    • Then fill out the forms your admin wants in a timely manner! Fund Raising?
    • Then plan and implement it flawlessly. Marketing?
    • Then build a marketing plan, consult an expert and make a difference! Recruiting?
    • Then think about the best ways to do it, plan it out and get after it in a big way! Is there a better way?
    • Can someone else do some of these tasks?

    Sure, they may not do it as good as you do- in fact, they won’t do it as well as you do. Accept that and move on. The fact is that your program will be better off with you doing the tasks that YOU have to do. I hear the excuse already… you don’t have anyone to help. If you don’t have an assistant then what about a manager, an intern, a teacher whose class needs a project, an alumnus, a booster, your wife, your kids, the annoying local die-hard wrestling fan that has been asking how he can help. It’s only an obstacle and you’re a wrestler- figure it out. Or you can stay where you are, continue working hard instead of smart and operate at 60% capacity

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