• How to Start a Riot

    I have been asked “why the hell would you name your company Riot?” Riot has a bad connotation of flipping over cars and burning buildings after your team loses the championship (or wins- never could figure this out). However, to start a riot, someone has to be passionate enough about something to stand up and take action. How do you start a riot through social media marketing? Well, it takes the right mix of quality content and engagement. What does your team’s community want to read about? What will make them stop in their tracks on this busy day to read what you have written (or watch your video or otherwise pick up what you’re puttin’ down)? Then, when they react, will you engage with them? Or are you just a one-way pipeline of information like a newspaper (dying) rather than social media (thriving).

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”