• How to Gain Perspective on the Downturns of Life

    A few weeks ago I was in the midst of a serious back spasm. How to deal with downturns of life

    Sometimes they get really bad. I can’t sleep, I can’t walk upright and I certainly can’t work out.

    Every time I go through one of these, I feel like it’s permanent. Like I’m always going to be like this. Like the pain will never go away.

    Then it does. Every time.

    Of course, taking the right actions helps (stretching, exercise, ice, chiropractic).

    Then there’s the psychological equivalent of this.

    When you feel lost. Unclear. Unfocused.

    I had one of these spells about a month ago- unfocused, lack of clarity, not sure which ‘priority’ to work on first.

    I wondered if it would always be this way. If I just lost my edge and didn’t know my real purpose.

    Then I took action.

    The right actions.

    Instead of exercise and ice, I connected with my mentors and paid for some coaching. I went back through some of the processes in myReveal Your Path system.

    Then I regained my clarity.
    Just like every other time.

    These cycles of focus and lack of focus,
    clarity and lack of clarity,
    understanding and confusion…. they’re healthy. They keep us growing. They move us forward.

    But they’re painful and depressing and frustrating and tiresome.

    When you realize– logically, not emotionally–  that they are simply part of the cycle, you find peace of mind.

    Here are 3 ways to get through the down times…

    1) Connect with your mentors and peers.
    2) Hire a coach or pay for guidance.
    3) Journal.

    The next time you experience a slump, feel free to take me up on a free clarity session.

    It’s amazing the value you’ll gain from the low point of your cycle. Embrace it. Move through it. And find clarity on the other side.

    You’ll be better off than when you started.