• How Knowing My Values Changed My Morning

    Clunk… [pause]….clunk…[pause]… clunk

    I heard footsteps slowly coming down the dark stairwell at 5:45 am. Most days Isla, my two-year-old, sleeps until about 7 am. On Friday, however, she was ready for the day early.

    Here’s a pic of Isla and Gunner early in the morning…isla


    My day starts around 5 am. I work on my podcast and program until the family wakes up around 7:00. It’s a precious short amount of time but I get a lot done.

    On Friday, that time evaporated as those little feet came clunking down the stairs.

    My first thought was, “I’ll put her in front of the TV and just keep working. I have to get this podcast out TODAY!”

    Then I paused.

    I know what my values are. I’ve taken the time to identify them (Faith, Family, Fit and Fun). If I say that family is a core value, then I can’t turn my sweet little girl away when she came down early because she wanted to get time with daddy.

    She reached the bottom of the stairs, rounded the corner and jumped into my lap.

    Happy dad!

    I closed my computer, walked to the toy room and we played Zingo for the next 45 minutes.

    Time well spent.

    Did I get my podcast done that morning? No.

    Most of us feel like we don’t have enough time in the day. Sure, I wish I had more time to get my podcast done that morning but I went through the day with a sense that my life was in balance. I know that I did the right thing.

    I found time to get the podcast done over the weekend.

    I said “no” to my podcast (sorry, listeners) so that I could say “yes” to my daughter.

    It’s not that my podcast isn’t important to me. It is. It’s just that my daughter is MORE important.

    You HAVE to know the difference if you’re to live the life you want.

    If you know what’s most important to you, you’re able to say “no” to those things that steal your time and rob you of living the life you want.

    We just finished the “Revealing Your Values” part of Reveal Your Path on Friday. The clarity that the team members have achieved is inspiring. It’s a powerful exercise and one that will impact their lives forever.

    What can you say “no” to today?

    Take the time to get clear on your values and saying “no” gets a whole lot easier.

    Get instant access to the Blueprint for Success download and get clear on your values today.