• How Important are Your Fans*?

    If your answer is “not important” then stop wasting your time reading this and do something more important, like picking your nose. If your answer is “very important” then my next question is “how often do you touch them?” How often are you feeding them what they want? They are your pack. Your herd. Your tribe. And you are their leader. If there is no leader, there is no pack. If you’re not feeding them what they crave, they will drift to another pack. Your options are varied. * Text message alerts * Hand-written notes * Facebook Page updates * Twitter updates * Direct mail * Email newsletters * Events that support events (like a social after a competition) Riot clients understand the value of their fans. Do you? *Remember, businesses have “fans” too. At least the good ones do. VW, Mac, Build-a-Bear, Grateful Dead

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