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One-time Action Session

Sometimes you need quick, on-target and actionable advice to start a project, refocus your efforts or correct course. For $175 we’ll spend an hour together to reach the root of your problem and identify specific action steps to take. 

30-Day Social Media Success: Build, Monetize and Measure Your Social Media Presence

Are you wondering where the ROI is for your social media efforts? No small business should spend marketing time or money without a means of meauring the return. In 30 days, we’ll develop a strategy, evaluate your current social media, and develop an action plan that will get a positive return on investment./strong>

90-Day Productivity and Profit

Increase productivity and you increase profit. Where are time and money leaking from your business and, more importantly, how can those holes be filled while not dropping the ball on small but important tasks. This full assessment will yield results that will help us develop an action plan for your business to produce the profit you’ve always dreamed of.

DAR Restructuring

Are you operating on a week-to-week, seat-of-the-pants methodology that has you chasing loose ends, wondering what’s going to happen next? I’ll help you build the ideal business with my three step DAR Methodology (Delegate, Automate and Replicate). Get your life back and build a business that provides predictable results and peace-of-mind security for you and your employees. 

Custom Solutions

Do you have needs that go beyond the scope of the above solutions? We’ll spend up to an hour during an exploratory meeting where I’ll learn more about your needs and how you can achieve your goals. I’ll provide a proposal with multiple options so that you can choose how you prefer to utilize my consulting to suite your budget and needs.

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