• Fear Twitter?

    Wrestling, I’m sorry to say, tends to lag a little in the adoption of technology. We’re not considered a “progressive” thinking sport. This comes from some high tech companies I’ve spoken with that offer services to sports including wrestling. There are a few wrestling people out there that are progressive and they are moving mountains. Regarding Twitter, why should you Tweet about your program and join conversations related to it?

    1. In my small town of Charlottesville, there are 1,300 people tweeting. They are moms, businessmen, media people and sports fans. Wrestling should have a voice in there too. I suggest you start by finding locals on Twitter at: www.twellowhood.com
    2. In the wrestling commuity there are more people on Twitter than you might think. Kerry McCoy, Henry Cejudo, USA Wrestling, Jason Bryant, J Robinson, Shawn Bunch, UVA Wrestling, Bucknell Wrestling, Chris Bono and Clarion Wrestling to name a few. A good place to start is by visiting: http://twitter.com/USAWrestling and start following some of those who they follow and who are following them.

    Get in the conversation. It’s going on without you.

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