• Connect with Your Tribe

    Video marketing is all the rage in the business world.  Go to any website worth it’s salt and you’ll find a video somewhere.  Why?  For the same reason that YouTube and Flo Wrestling, Flo Track and Flo Swimming, etc are so popular-  because they help you develop an emotional connection with the subject.

    You hear John Smith’s intonations as he talks about “jumping levels” and you see the expression on Darion Caldwell’s face when he smiles at the camera and says “Flo, then pin.”  You just can’t make that kind of connection with someone with the written word.  Plus, nowadays we can take the video to our fans.  Put it in their inbox and they’ll likely open it.

    Make the connection with them and they’re much more likely to support you- financially and otherwise.

    Suggestion: keep it short.  They’re less likely to watch a 10-minute video than a 90-second video.  People want their info in short bites (bytes) these days.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”