• Community Building: Iowa Style

    I did a clinic with Terry Brands last week. His intensity is inspiring and his passion contagious. I talked with him about the Iowa wrestling community. Of course, they have built their community the hard way- by winning national titles. However, there is another reason why their community is so strong. Product. Coach Brands talked about the product that Iowa puts out on the mat. The style of wrestling, that is. They have an exciting product that people enjoy watching. That style is aggressive. No matter what sport it is, aggressive play is exciting to watch. Even if it loses. However, it just so happens that this style of wrestling tends to be a winning style. I’m not saying that if you teach an inexperienced, poor wrestler to be aggressive that he’ll win a state title or national title. I’m saying that he’ll likely increase his chances if he wrestles aggressively and is looking to attack and score. This shouldn’t be confused with reckless. Put an aggressive, well-conditioned product on the mat and you’ll in well conditions of growing your attendance, media coverage and participation.

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