“We all need an unreasonable person in our lives
who holds us to a higher standard.”

–Jim Harshaw

Charlottesville Life and Success Coach

When you were an athlete, you had a coach. He helped you identify the right actions to take to achieve your goals. He listened when you needed him. He called BS when he had to. Because of him, you achieved more.

In those days, it might have been the state championship on the line. Or maybe just the starting spot. Today, the stakes are higher. Much higher.

Your family. Your income. Your business. Your dreams.

When I coach former athletes, I help them identify the right goals and stay focused so they can live the lives they want.

Who do I coach?

I coach former athletes who want more. My clients are high achievers including Olympians, MBA’s, doctors and college coaches.

How do I coach them?

I have three different programs. To learn which is right for you, fill out the application for a free strategy session.

What my clients are saying.

“I’m shattering the goals I’ve set for myself already. I feel pretty much unstoppable.”
–Neal Ewers, Marketing director, Beat the Streets Toronto

“Jim’s insights are hugely beneficial for helping to define my goals and taking action towards making them a reality!”
–Pete Jacobson, Entrepreneur, Wrestling coach

“What I found most valuable was getting a level of clarity on my most important goals that I haven’t had since I was competing in college. Gaining that clarity allowed me to break through the inertia and made taking action easy because I knew that the results of that action would take me closer to my ideal life.”
–Sam Shames, Entrepreneur, MIT grad

Will I coach you?

I’m selective in who I coach. I choose people who make an impact on the world beyond themselves… leaders. If that’s you and you want to have a powerful conversation that brings you clarity in your path forward and balance in your life, click here.