• Budget Cuts and Colon Blow

    No. It’s not just you. Everyone is dealing with budget cuts. How many cookies do you have to sell to make up for your budget short-falls? A SNL skit with Phil Hartman comes to mind. You can continue to sell something with little value or you can sell something with real value– your vision. What do you stand for? What are the results of your work? Don’t know? Then go back to selling cookies. But once you figure it out you will have something to sell that is worth more than the $8.99 package of cookies or $25 coupon book (that you have to buy for $15). The truth is that if you are doing something good then people will want to support you. If you’re a non-profit they will donate. If you are for-profit then they will sponsor. Here’s how it works:1. Determine what you are selling. What is your vision? What is the product? What are the results? 2. Develop a system for communicating with lots of people. Choose a subset with whom to communicate more personally. 3. Build relationships. 4. Ask for money. Because the money that was there yesterday isn’t there today… and it’s likely that it won’t be there tomorrow.

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