• Are You Comfortable?

    It’s easy to go about your day doing the things that you did yesterday which are the same things that you’ll do tomorrow. It’s comfortable. It’s easy… even if it’s hard, it’s easy. Returning emails, filling out forms, running practices. It’s what coaches do. But what is it that’s in the back of your brain that you want to do. That thing that you know that, if you do it, it will make you better, your program better. But it’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s outside of your routine. Maybe it’s a meeting that you know you should schedule or a call that you should make. Or maybe it is just believing that you can achieve great things despite your position today.

    In my experience, I talk with coaches who know that their team’s success lies in their ability to cultivate a community of supporters around their athletic program yet they avoid doing the very things that they need to do to make it happen. That may mean learning how to use Twitter to connect with fans or other social media sports marketing and fundraising tactics.

    Whatever that task is for you, today, be uncomfortable. Because if you do, you’ll sleep better tonight.

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