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You’re here because I’ve invited you to my affiliate program for Reveal Your Path, the life-design program for motivated former athletes. I’ve had 100% satisfaction and unbelievable testimonials.

Making it available to your friends and social media followers while earning a commission is simple. And you don’t have to be a pushy promoter. In fact, you’ll only offer them a free download. It’s super simple and you’ll be up in running in 5 minutes or less.

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Jim Harshaw Motivational Speaker CharlottesvilleWhat does it mean to be an affiliate?

Basically, you promote a product you believe in and earn a commission when someone buys. There are affiliate programs through Amazon and most other online marketplaces. Mine is through, the most trusted and used online marketplace for programs like mine.

What am I promoting?

I have a free download titled “The 8 Habits of Successful Former Athletes.” I’ve identified these eight habits through interviews with dozens of extremely successful people on the Wrestling with Success podcast. 

How do I earn a commission?

You get a custom link. When someone clicks that custom link to download the free “8 Habits” and later makes a purchase (anytime in the next 60 days), you get a 50% commission (of $147, $247 and $597 options).

How much does it cost to get started? 


How much time does it take?

49 seconds (see the video below).
All you have to do is share your link via Twitter, Facebook and email. 

How to I get paid?

My program and payments are managed through I’ve used them for years and so do many of the most credible and influential online marketers. When someone clicks on your custom link, called a “Hoplink” (see video below), and makes a purchase (anytime in the next 60 days), you’ll earn 50% of their purchase. Clickbank will mail you a physical check. 

That’s it. That’s the whole deal. Pretty simple.

How do I create my custom link to share (called a “Hoplink”)?

Got any tips for promoting the link?


The short answer is this: keep promoting. Marketing research says that consumers need to see something seven times before taking action. On Twitter, you should share your link often and at different times of day because a single Tweet will be seen by less than 5% of your audience. Different people check social media at different times.  The same is true with Facebook. 

If you have an email list, this is your best option. Use the text below or write your own. Explain this we’re friends and that this is a free piece of valuable content. The most successful affiliates will send multiple emails over the course of a week or so. Need help with writing the emails? Email me. 

You can share on your own but here are some resources so promoting is easier for you. 


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We all know that habits determine your success. There’s no more apparent example of that than in athletics because athletes are in the public eye. We see, hear and read about them everywhere. Elite athlete’s have habits that help them achieve elite success. Is it true, then, that elite performers in business and entrepreneurship also have similar habits?
 A friend of mine, Jim Harshaw, has answered that question. On his podcast, Wrestling with Success, he interviews former athletes who have gone on to elite success in the real world– CEO’s, entrepreneurs, billionaires even astronauts and Navy Seals. After dozens of interviews he’s identified eight core habits of extremely successful former athletes and he’s put them into a PDF for you.
Keep in mind that while some of these high achievers were Olympians but others were simply high school athletes who used skills learned in sports to make millions, build businesses and achieve elite success outside of sports.
If you’ve ever wondered if Olympians and billionaires have similar habits, you’ll find out here. If you’ve ever wondered if professional athletes and CEO’s have common traits, you’re about to learn.
Get instant access to the “8 Habits of Successful Former Athletes” here => (add your hoplink here or hyperlink it to “Click here now”)

You have goals. We all do. Your goals are personal. They’re different from mine and everyone else’s. But there are certain habits that you must develop to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Ever wondered what they are?
Have you ever wanted clarity on the exact habits that you need to develop to get there? Sure, you’re working hard but there’s that seed of doubt. “Am I doing the right things?”  Yeah, I’ve been there too.
A friend of mine, Jim Harshaw, has created a cheat sheet. He’s revealed the secret habits of high achievers. He’s interviewed dozens of them on his podcast– Olympians, billionaires, astronauts, Navy Seals, professional athletes– and identified eight habits that they all have in common.
And he’s put them into a free PDF for you so that you can start working on the right things immediately.
Get it now (free) => (add your hoplink here or hyperlink it to “Click here now”)
Want to increase your chances of success TODAY? Don’t miss out on this offer. Of course, he’ll ask you for your email address but you’re getting something today for free that took him over a year to compile. You’re getting inside advice from some of the most successful people on the planet. I guarantee you’ll steal at least one habit from this list that will change your life. Through his “8 Habits” download he’s given us a cheat sheet that I’d value at around $100.
Take a peek at it now=> (add your hoplink here or hyperlink it to “Click here now”)



“I found the Reveal Your Path program delivered on everything it promised and more. What I found most valuable was getting a level of clarity on my most important goals that I haven’t had since I was competing in college. Gaining that clarity allowed me to break through the inertia and made taking action easy because I knew that the results of that action would take me closer to my ideal life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be extraordinary by doing the extra things that most people are unwilling to do.”
Sam Shames
MIT graduate, Entrepreneur, 4x All American and National Champion wrestler

“I’m shattering the goals I’ve set for myself already. I feel pretty much unstoppable. Every aspect of my life has been affected positively.”
Neal Ewers
Marketing Coordinator, Beat the Streets Toronto

“There’s no comparison in terms of the money spent to the value received. Completing DYP has left me with the clarity I was searching for with my goals, the direction I need to head in many areas, and a tangible plan to get there!”
Jared Kahmar
Assistant Principal, Port Jervis High School, NY

“Jim has been a mentor of mine since very early in my career. His expertise lies in the ability to view things from an entirely unique perspective, offering ideas and feedback that aren’t just different, but highly effective. I jumped at the chance to be an early participant in Reveal Your Path, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. I took away two game changers from the program that are now a regular part of my life.”
Charlie Brenneman
UFC veteran, author, motivational speaker



















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