• A Framework for Making Decisions

    How do you make decisions? I mean like daily decisions.

    The ones that determine the quality of your life, your relationships, your health, your financial success?

    Do have a foundation upon which all of your decisions are made?Reveal Your Path to Success by Jim Harshaw

    Most don’t, so don’t feel bad. One of my recent Reveal Your Path team members didn’t either.

    One day he came home from a long day at work, sunk into his recliner and told his wife and daughter that he needed to relax.

    Then he remembered what’s important. He’d gone through Reveal Your Path and he’d done the work. He now had a foundation upon which to make decisions. He chose to get up and go outside to be with his family. And he knew it was the right choice.

    Is that a big decision or small one?

    Depends on how you look at it. That kind of decision made routinely over a lifetime makes for BIG changes.

    I have a framework for my life that helps me make decisions that align with my core values and my long-term goals.

    I have gone through a process that has centered me. You can go through the same process. Reveal Your Path is open for a limited time.

    Reveal Your Path is a system for finding clarity and balance in your life. Claim your spot.

    Here’s what a few of the current members are saying right now==>>

    “RYP has helped me with how to make decisions on what my priorities should be.”
    –Kevin Hadley

    “This whole process has brought me back to my roots to where I was most successful when I was younger, organized, hungry and driven right out of college. “
    –Isaac Greeley

    “I feel like I have taken a huge leap forward. Like I went straight from first gear to fourth gear.”
    –Irina Allison

    That could be you.

    There is limited space in the next group.

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