• A Proven Blueprint for Vision Creation, Goal Setting and Life Transformation

    In this ninth episode of Wrestling with Greatness, host Jim Harshaw, a former Division I All American and Division I head wrestling coach, interviews… himself.

    Having discovered the blueprint for success that has proven invaluable time and time again in his own life as well as in the lives of so many of the most successful people on the planet, he virtually bursts with excitement in sharing possibly the most powerful and practical roadmap for success ever. Taking knowledge synthesized from some of the most recognized personal development gurus like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler and Jim Rohn, he shares a practical method for applying proven strategies for success. With just 15 minutes of planning your goals will become attainable and drive you to take massive action like never before. This new energy, passion and excitement will make the highest hurdles seem like stepping stone and pinnacle of your life will come into clear view as if always having been there but simply shrouded in the busyness of life and the oppression of self-doubt. Today the path becomes clear and your prospects for success abundant like never before..


    Jim Harshaw Wrestling with Greatness Podcast for former wrestlers  Jim Harshaw Wrestling with Greatness Podcast for former wrestlers