• #72 Gina Parris on the Secrets to Unlocking Your Potential in Sports, Performance and Life

    Jim Harshaw interviews peak performance coach Gina Parris

    Today I bring you, Gina Parris. Gina has been a motivator in the field of personal development for over thirty years. She began studying, applying and teaching on high performance as a teenager. When she was not speaking or training as a competitive athlete, she was honing her sales skills at a specialty menswear boutique where she was a top performer. She even gave her first paid speech at 16 years old.

    It’s been Gina’s life’s work to help people to reach their God-given potential and to turn their stress into strength. She’s a Tony Robbins certified Strategic Intervention coach and her clients include top athletes, coaches & sports parents, as well entrepreneurs and other professionals.

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    Jim Harshaw interviews peak performance coach Gina Parris Jim Harshaw interviews peak performance coach Gina Parris