• 7 Deadly Sins of Coaches

    1)  Assuming you’re safe.  In these lean times budgets are being slashed and programs are being cut.  Don’t think you’re insulated.  Take action to minimize your risk (raise money, strengthen your fan base, create multiple means of communicating with thousands of fans)

    2)  DIY Approach.  You don’t have to be the Bob Villa of your program and fix everything yourself.  Learn to delegate.  Choose three simple tasks that you can outsource to a student, parent or supporter.

    3)  Believing that better technique will strengthen your program.  Head wrestling coach at the University of Minesota J Robinson said it best (paraphrased) “Wrestling will not survive based on how well we teach single-leg and double-leg takedowns but on how well we market the sport.”

    4) Looking for instant results.  Strengthening your program through marketing, fundraising and “fan raising” is a process, not an event.  Just because you send a press release or email newsletter doesn’t mean you’re done.  Just like building an athlete, building a program is a process.

    5)  Believing that a good athlete= Good coach– Don’t rest your hopes upon hiring the best athlete you can find to be an assistant coach.  Find the best program administrator (think communication skills, organization skills, and action-oriented people).

    6)  Seat-of-the-pants approach – Good businesses operate based upon replicable and profitable systems.  So do good programs.

    7)  Do the Talking– Successful leaders are good listeners.  Do more listening and decision-making becomes more informed and easier.

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