• #33 Dr. Gilbert of the Success Hotline on Wrestling, Achievement and Finding Inspiration

    Jim Harshaw interviews former wrestler and coach Dr. Rob Gilbert of the Success Hotline

    Today I bring you Dr. Rob Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert is a professor of sports psychology at Montclair State University and one of the world’s leading sport psychologists. He’s also a motivational speaker, having spoken to Fortune 500 executives to the US Military Academy and everything in between. He’s studied motivation and success of not only athletes but also successful business executives, high-earning salespeople and others. I learned of him when one of my guests, Gene Zanetti of Wrestling Mindset, mentioned Dr Gilbert’s Success Hotline in his interview in episode 11. I got the number and called the Success Hotline a few times and realized that this was something I just had to add to my morning routine. When I learned that he has a wrestling background, I had to have him on the show.

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