• #30 Tanner Gers: speaker, author, Paralympian, host of The Athlete Summit

    Tanner Gers Paralympian author athlete summitToday I bring you…
    Tanner Gers (pronounced Gears) is a published author, professional speaker, US Paralympian, host of The Athlete Summit. Holding a degree in Business, he also consults and speaks for corporate, educational, nutrition, fitness, and sports clients. He has worked with disabled youth and adults through various organizations such as Easter Seals, the Foundation for Blind Children, and Wounded Warriors. A competitive athlete himself, Tanner is passionate about improving coaches, athletes, and his own performance by pulling back the curtain on what elite coaches are successfully using today with their own Olympic, professional, collegiate, and high school athletes. Tanner has interviewed coaches and thought leaders such as Dr. Fred Hatfield, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Dr. Jim Afremow, Joel Jamieson, and athletes including NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young and Paralympic gold medalist Brad Snyder. Tanner’s larger life mission is to help millions of people across the world achieve their true greatness with his gift for cultivating confidence, determination, and the will needed to achieve greatness in life, regardless of circumstance.

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