• #27 Joe DeSena and How to Be a Spartan

    Joe DeSena Spartan Race Wrestling with Greatness podcast

    Joe DeSena, founder of Spartan Races

    Today I bring you Joe DeSena. Joe DeSena is the founder of Spartan adventure races which have become wildly popular in recent years. He’s not a wrestler but he has tremendous respect for the mindset of a wrestler which is why he got his kids into the sport. Joe has the wrestling mindset. Not only can he operate when he’s uncomfortable but he actively seeks out discomfort.

    He has an absolutely ridiculous backstory as you’re about to hear and he shares with you some interesting thoughts on how to succeed at whatever it is that you do.

    On his own podcast, SpartanUp, he interviews successful people from all walks of life and has even had wrestlers Kyle Dake and Nate Carr on his show in addition to Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and others.

    His story is an interesting one to say the least. One that you would never think would lead him to start an adventure race company. He shares that story as well as some of his key beliefs about success in this 27th episode of Wrestling with Greatness.

    Like every episode, I have created an action plan from what Joe shares with us here today. If you’re listening on iTunes, click on the image and the link to download the action plan will show up. Or just go to JimHarshaw.net/27

    Listen now!

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