• #21 From Orphan Home to “Outstanding American” with Steven Biondolillo

    Jim Harshaw hosts National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee and nationally renown fundraiser Steve BiondolilloToday I bring you Steven Biondolillo. Steven is the founder and president of Biondolillo Associates. Recognized for coining the term “signature event,” Biondolillo is the nation’s leading developer of branded, large-scale special-event fundraising programs.

    Additionally, Steven has developed what is widely regarded to be the nation’s premiere training program in the field of special-event fundraising, and has trained over 13,000 nonprofit staff and volunteers. Since 1984, fundraisers developed by Biondolillo Associates have raised over $1.2 billion.

    Until 1982, Steven was an elite freestyle wrestler and medalist in national and international competition, including the World Maccabiah Games, the Canadian University National Championships, the New York Athletic Club International Tournament and the Quebec Open. He was selected to represent both the United States and Canada in international dual-meet competition. From 1992-1997, Steven served on the coaching staff of Boston College’s. In 2013, he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an “Outstanding American” from Massachusetts.Steven’s op-ed pieces on amateur sports and child welfare have appeared in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Constitution, Miami Herald, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Union Leader, and Amateur Wrestling News, and the second edition of his book, Macaroni and Cheese Manifesto, was published in 2013.

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    Website: http://biondolillo.com/

    Steven’s Book: Macaroni and Cheese Manifesto