• #14 Sheep farmer to PhD to Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach: Dr. Isaiah Hankel

    In this 14th episode of Wrestling with Greatness host Jim Harshaw, a former Division I All American and Division I head wrestling coach, interviews Dr. Isaiah Hankel.

    Dr. Hankel will tell you that, long ago, he started out as a sheep farmer. He now has a doctorate in Anatomy and Cell Biology and has presented at schools including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford. He’s an author and business coach who has formed three multi-national businesses and recently written a book called Black Hole Focus- How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives.

    Isaiah grew up near Spokane, WA where he wrestled for East Valley Spokane High School. He went on to wrestle for Division I for Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

    As you’ll see, Isaiah is a huge thinker and he’s someone who helps others get clear, get focused and take action to make their lives better. In this interview he offers some powerful ways to think about being successful and how to go about reaching your goals.

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    Isaiah’s Website: http://www.IsaiahHankel.com

    Buy the book “Black Hole Focus”