• #13 ONE Welterweight Champion and 2X NCAA Champion Ben Askren

    In this 13th episode of Wrestling with Greatness host Jim Harshaw, a former Division I All American and Division I head wrestling coach, interviews 2X NCAA Champion, Olympian, former Bellator Welterweight Champion, current ONE Welterweight Champion, former world top ten disc golfer (yep) and entrepreneur. I chose to invite Ben on the show not because of his wrestling prowess but because he’s been able to replicate success into other sports and now as an entrepreneur. Ben practices many of the 8 Habits of Massively Successful Wrestlers (DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: http://go.jimharshawjr.com/8-habits/) while not even realizing it.

    He’s a big thinker and his success on this planet is just beginning.

    Download the Action Plan from This Episode Here

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