• #109 Bullying, Addiction, Cannibalism in the Congo: The Life-Changing Story of Elite MMA Fighter Justin Wren

    Jim Harshaw interviews UFC Fighter Justin Wren

    From Bullied to Badass to Benefactor –

    Justin Wren has spent much of his life fighting – from a stellar early wrestling career as prep national champion and Junior National Champion to becoming a star UFC fighter.

    Early in Justin’s fighting career, he appeared on the Spike reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter,” cementing his reputation as a dominating force in the heavyweight division and his current record is 16-2.

    But many are surprised to find this 6-foot-3-inch, 265-pound fighter has an even bigger heart. After discovering his faith following a six-year struggle with addiction and depression, Justin stepped away from MMA to find God’s purpose for his life.

    He soon felt called to serve the Mbuti Pygmy people deep in the jungles of the Congo. While he knew they were an incredibly impoverished people group, he did not know the depths of their pain until he spent time living among them and shared in their suffering. They are enslaved by rivaling people groups, are even cannibalized, and refer to themselves as The Forgotten People. A turning point in Justin’s life was holding a young boy, named Andibo, as he died of a water-related parasite after being refused care by local doctors.

    Justin’s story is too big to summarize in a short bio so let’s get to our the interview.

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